The spiritual formation of CCGD members comes from many sources:

Coordinators Corner  provides insight and information about our current events and plans.

Covenant Formation (formerly Formation II) introduces Underway Members to the Community way of life. The Covenant Formation Talks give them insight into growing in Community life, practical aspects and relationships in living a covenant life. All CCGD members are invited to participate in the live Covenant Formation Talks when available. The archives provide audio, video and transcripts of the teachings and study helps.

Pastoral Teachings draw from the wisdom of both new and previous leaders. Don't miss the tremendous opportunity to grow from our archives of more than 30 years of inspiring teachings specific to our covenant life. Teachers include Bill Alexander, Bobbie Cavnar, Fr. Stephen Sanchez and many others. 

Founding Documents contains links to CCGD Statutes and decree when those files are transferred to the new archives.

Formation Library