Come and See

Our Community family is about evangelization in our life together. In Matthew 28: 19-20, the Lord gives the Church the great commission, “Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations; baptize them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” and we as Christians and as Catholics have a responsibility, and as brothers and sisters in Christ, have a responsibility to share the Good News.

That’s what evangelism means: “sharing the Good News” or “being a good messenger.” In the New Testament, the term “evangelists” comes forth as one who preaches the Good News. God desires that all men should come to the knowledge of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord calls us through our life together and he pours out his Spirit upon us so that we can share that Good News with others, so that we can proclaim to those who do not know him.

Evangelization is a prophetically powerful witness of the Good News alive and active in our own life. It is our witness of what the Lord has taught us and what the Lord has shown us of himself; that we can testify to. It’s not a second-hand knowledge; it’s a primary knowledge of what the Lord is doing with us—empowering us with the Holy Spirit. The very fact that we are proclaiming the Word of God makes evangelization prophetic. That’s why it needs the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to have its effect. We can teach all day long, but the witness of our lives and the experiences of the Lord, taking care of us, entering in, meeting us in our prayer and in our need—that’s the power of the testimony.

So the Lord calls us to open our mouths, He doesn’t call us to be perfect in our witness. He doesn’t call us to be polished in our witness, even Paul said, “I don’t speak eloquently.” He calls us just to allow him to use us. As many of us have experience it can be silent or it can be verbal. There are a few of us in our Community family who have received a verbal ministry. Those who work in the Pro-Life movement and in the prisons have an outward ministry of Evangelization. Not all of us are called to an outward ministry of Evangelization, but we are all called to evangelize, beginning with our families.

Our Community is a place where evangelization happens. We are called, as brothers and sisters living in a covenant community, to evangelize one another. We meet one another where we are. We share what the Lord is doing with us, the truths that we discover. We share the things that the Lord is revealing to us in our interactions together, to build one another up, to call forth God’s life in each other. This is how our life together becomes evangelistic.

Many of our CCGD members are invested in understanding the heart and mind of God, surrendering their hearts and souls in a way that when they plead before the Lord he hears them and answers them in profound ways. We have tremendous servants who are witnesses to the power of God, because they are not serving out of obligation, but because of the love of the Lord being poured out into their hearts. We can see the fruits of their labors in the faces of the children.

The Lord is renewing hearts, just like the in the first community of believers who added 3,000 to their number. Acts describes how the community became admired. Their lifestyle was so different from what the other people were leading, that they began to take notice and admire what they were seeing and doing in these families. The power of the Holy Spirit was so strong and at work in that people, causing them to do heroic things, not out of obligation, but in gratitude for what the Lord had done in their lives and was doing in their lives. They were ready to give their lives in the Coliseum.

The Community of God’s Delight is a people founded in the Charism of the Holy Spirit with a tremendous legacy of evangelism. We’ve had formal ministries, like television that have ministered the Word of God to people around the world. Less formal evangelization would be Life in the Spirit Seminars, Formation teachings, our new website, members who’ve gone out and have had tremendous impact in the Dioceses of Dallas and Fort Worth. The impact of those experiences continues today.

The 4:00 p.m. Sunday Gatherings provide a window where people can look into and see the outward witness of our inner lives. We welcome new people into our gathering each Sunday afternoon. Our very meeting place, Mount St. Michael Catholic School, demonstrates our commitment to our families. At our Sunday Gatherings our Music Ministry leads us in praise and worship, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are freely at work in our teachings and sharings. Our Healing Ministry prays with anyone who desires healing and our Born in the Spirit Seminars welcomes those prompted to come and see how we live our life in the Spirit. Come and see! Bring your family.