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Teaching: Joy of Gospel, Chapter 2, part 2

Temptations Faced by Pastoral Workers

By Brenda Lenzen

Good afternoon everyone. I really do think that if I would’ve sat here long enough and all of the people that could have shared, would have shared, I wouldn’t have to give this sharing. I promise you that if you look at the word document, it was saved this afternoon at about two o’clock, but everybody that shared had a piece of this talk and just as Bill got up and shared last week and Martha heard and was the person that Bill shared about, God is continuing to affirm in us that he’s here and that he’s working. Just listen and you’ll hear, and Neil, I just can’t believe you said what you said.

Teaching: Joy of the Gospel, Chapter 2, part 1

Amid the Crisis of Communal Commitment

by Brenda Lenzen

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Brenda Lenzen and I’m going to give a ten-minute sharing, continuing where we’ve been for the last three weeks, on the Joy of the Gospel, an encyclical by Pope Francis. There are copies out in the foyer if anyone is interested.

As just a small review, I’m going to tell you where we’ve been so that if you haven’t been here the last three weeks you can catch up. Sharon talked three weeks ago and she introduced the letter, She encouraged us to pray for renewed personal encounter with Jesus, for the grace to respond to our Holy Father’s exhortation to this encyclical, to spread the joy of the Gospel to three principle groups; members of the local church, the baptized who have fallen away, and those who do not know Christ or who have rejected him. Then Larry spent the last two weeks talking about Chapter One and the thrust of his exhortation was a charge to purposely pursue someone in one of those categories.

Witness: Spiritual Oxygen

by Gail Farmer

I grew up in a Christian home, but my parents were totally sporadic in their church attendance. We would go for a few weeks, or may a few months, and then we wouldn’t. It was about when I was in the fifth grade I noticed that all of my friends on Mondays would be talking about what they had learned in church or in Sunday school the day before. So I started to ask my Mom, “Why don’t we go to church anymore?” And she explained it because she was Catholic and my dad was Lutheran and that they had decided to leave denomination decision up to us kids when we got older. She asked if I wanted to explore the respective churches and I said yes.

So the next Sunday she took me to her church which was still offering Mass, in Latin, which I could not understand. Then the following Sunday she took me to my Dad’s church. In the Catholic Church all the people seemed to know when to stand, when to sit, when to kneel, but at my Dad’s church the pastor gave visual and auditory commands; stand up; sit down; time to kneel. In my eleven-year-old brain the decision was a no-brainer. I chose to attend a church that was in English and had clear-cut directions. I think I probably disappointed my Mom. But she supported my decision and then the whole family started going to church and Sunday school.

Remembering Jan Brotherman

Jan Brotherman
February 16, 1938 - June 21, 2016

Janice (Jan) Louise Brotherman was born in San Antonio, TX, on February 16, 1938, to Bernard Brice Brotherman and Louise Mae Hoefgen. She attended Providence High School in San Antonio, graduating in 1956. Jan worked as an Administrative Assistant and Computer Analyst for over 50 years for many companies, including: Acordia of Dallas, Priority Systems Inc., EDS-Dallas, Braniff International Airlines, and the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Jan had a beautiful voice and was actively involved with the Mission Belles Chorus of San Antonio of the Sweet Adelines. She enjoyed being a member of the Gem Dandies Quartet. Additionally, Jan was an amazing seamstress and embroiderer. More than anything, Jan loved serving the Lord and was very involved with Mary Immaculate and the Christian Community of God's Delight.

Remembering Barbara Dalton

Barbara Jean Dalton
November 11, 1934 – June 7, 2016

Sharing by Christina and Audrey Peterman

Hello everyone, my name is Christina Peterman, and I am the middle grandchild of Barbara (or Barbs, as we fondly referred to her). In fact we had a whole slew of nicknames for her, including Barbarito, Barb-a-loosie-toosie, and most recently, simply GB).

And my name is Audrey. I am her youngest grandchild.

Barbs loved her grandchildren -- that was always evident to us. She spent every moment she could with us, and constantly encouraged us to come over to her house, especially when we were younger. I know I speak for all seven of us when I say that we have nothing but the fondest memories of our time at GB’s house. She was always willing to participate in a game of dress up, a special favorite of all of ours being Peter Pan.

Witness: My Way or God’s Way?

by Alice Clauss

 “Do not fear what to say when they bring you before authorities, for the Holy Spirit will give you utterance.” (See Luke 12:11) Relying on that promise, I’m here to share my testimony about my life and how God has shown his love and mercy. My name is Alice Clauss and I have been with the Christian Community of God’s Delight for 42 years. One of our dear sisters in the Lord always gives me a big hug, smiles and says, “It’s so good to see you. You know you’re a living miracle, right?” It gives me pause every time because I have to reflect on just what her question means, and think back on my life.

Witness: Planting Seeds Faithfully

By Doyle Barras

For those of you who may not know me personally, my name is Doyle Barras. My wife Catherine and all our children here, make a lot of noise! Catherine and I, as a married family, have been part of Community for thirteen years. I participated in Community before she and I met, about nineteen years in total. Not as long as some of you here, but long enough for me.

When they first asked me to share my witness, I thought it would be really easy. You just sit up here and talk. And then David said, “You have ten minutes.” Wow, that’s not a whole lot of time when you think consider all the ways God does in your life.

God brought this Scripture to mind as I was getting ready. 1 Corinthians 3:6: “I planted, Apollo watered but only God caused the growth.” I think that’s a really good summary of my witnesss.

God’s Divine Mercy at work

by Virna Coxon

In the summer 2001, we were visiting my family in Monterrey, Mexico. I was twenty-three weeks pregnant. I started to loose amniotic fluid. The doctor told me to remain in complete bed rest. I was able to rest for a week to wait for my middle son Christian to develop more, especially his lungs.

After a week he had to be born. I was still losing fluid and an infection was starting. Christian and I were at risk. The neonatal specialist that was going to receive Christian came to introduce himself when I was ready for the C-section. He was telling me all the complication that could happen to Christian because he was so premature. He asked me if I knew the sex of the baby and I said yes, it’s a boy. He let me know that girls fight more for their lives than boys. He asked me. “If any big complication happened do you still want to have him, and fight for his life?” I said yes, of course. When I was having the C-section I was praying and then I saw Christian, in the reflection of the light. I was asking so hard for God to have mercy on Christian!! So Christian was born at 24 weeks. His weight was 2 lbs. He was born on July 7. His due date was on October 10.

Witness: How I discovered my vocation and Life in the Spirit

By Tom Harman

I was raised in a Catholic family of six children. We lived four houses down from St. Pius X Church and School and I attended St. Pius X Catholic School. I was an altar server, never missed Mass on Sunday, and received the sacraments regularly. However, I didn’t have a personal relationship with the Lord.

The summer before entering the seventh grade, some of my classmates and I attended St. John’s Seminary in San Antonio for a week to pray for our vocations. At that time I thought my vocation was to the priesthood. The priests at St. John’s told us that God would make it very clear to us what our vocation was to be. Within about a month after returning home, God put it on my heart that my vocation was married life rather than the priesthood. At the time I was a little sad but yet happy. Consequently, though, it has been a tremendous blessing being married to Sharon over the past 39 years and raising our family of four sons.

Witness: All things work together

by David Peterman, jr.

My witness is not a dramatic story but rather a story of encounters.  As a preamble Webster defines “coincidence” as “a situation in which events happen at the same time in a way that is not planned or expected.” My intention is to share my encounters in a way that cannot be understood as simple coincidence.

First contact  

When I was about 10 years old, while doing a dreaded chore of raking pollen in my families patio, I had the thought that if someone would come over and invite me to do something that my folks would say “yes” and I would be able to stop raking.  A specific boy came to mind that was someone I knew but not someone I hung around with because he younger.