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Catholic Fraternity Meetings in Rome – A Turning Point

By David Peterman (Sr.)

I was blessed to represent our community at the Catholic Fraternity’s Council meetings in Rome from Nov. 2-6,2016. The Council is made up of one delegate from each member community plus an optional non-voting companion. Present at this meeting were representatives of 71 of the current 120 international communities of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships. We met at the Carmelite Retreat/Conference facility south of Rome to elect the President and Regional Representatives that will serve on the Executive over the next three years.

Book Study: Time for God, part 5

Time for GodPrayer of the Heart, an Encouragement
By Teresa Caffey

I came today prepared with a talk I wrote to summarize the last two chapters of Time for God, but I didn't even bring it up here with me because the Lord is saying something very different. In listening to the sharings today and thinking about all the previous talks on this book, I think you don't need me to tell you what the last two chapters of the book say, or at least I hope you don't. If you haven't been reading the book, please do. It is a short, easy read, but it's one of the best books on prayer I have seen in years, so I encourage you to read it.

Book Study: Time for God, Chapter 3, part 4 of 5

The Weak, the Wound and the Wonder

By Brenda Lenzen

For those of you who haven't been here in a few weeks, we are studying Time For God by Fr. Jacques Philippe. David and Mike and Sharon have led us through Chapters 1 and 2, where we have heard that prayer is not a technique, but a grace; that we have to persevere in our prayer, and that prayer is a journey that Sharon compared to a map. I love that analogy. Mike gave an excellent example of how having the sacraments without a prayer life to back them up is like eating with a Lap Band on. David talked about never giving up –- like you wouldn't ever give up on your best friend -- and to continue to go before the Lord in silence and wait on his initiative.

Chapter 3 deals with several things, but my main focus is on contemplation. In order to summarize the chapter, I have divided it into three parts: The Weak, the Wound and the Wonder.

Book Study: Time With God, Chapter 2, part 3 of 5

Four Landmarks

by Sharon Harman

If I could sum up a bit of what I have learned from Chapter 1 during the last two weeks, it would be that the life of prayer is not a technique to be learned, but a grace to be received. For me, the most meaningful part has been that it has removed any pressure that I felt to “do” the right things in prayer, to accomplish a checklist or to learn certain methods, and encouraged me really to just be present with God. This chapter is called How to Use the Time of Mental Prayer.

One thing that I appreciate about Fr. Philippe is that he recognizes that there is no one answer that fits every person. He really honors the fact that souls are different and their relationships with God are unique. Each person has to respond to the Spirit's movement in their own hearts and discover that path along which they are being led. Also, prayer goes through stages, so what might be meaningful to us at one stage is not necessarily meaningful at another. That is very freeing for me to realize that that is okay.

Rosary for a New Pentecost

International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS), an international organization that operates as coordination, information and communication center to serve the worldwide Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR), provides two resources to help us to prepare for the CCR Golden Jubilee.

First, they encourage us to pray the rosary for a New Pentecost. They published a brochure for praying the Rosary for a New Pentecost. You can download a brochure at the ICCRS site,

God-moment gifts of the Holy Spirit

By Mary Ann Graeve

As you know, I have been leading a Bible study at church for about ten years. We have grown to 50 ladies. A few weeks ago we had a luncheon with certain questions to stimulate the conversation. One of the questions was to tell about a God moment you may have had in your life.

Today we were talking about the Holy Spirit's gifts to us. We all know the fruits -- love, joy, peace, patience -- and have no problem with them. But sometimes when God tries to give us a gift we run the other way or we say no or we give it back because we don't want it. We discussed who the gift giver is, God himself, who has all knowledge of us. He created us and knows what we need and want. Why would we be afraid of his gifts? Why would we say no?

Book Study: A Time for God, Chapter 1b, part 2 of 5

Never Ever Give Up

By Mike Wagner

We are in the second teaching on Time for God, the same book that Terry talked about in her sharing today. David gave the first teaching last week. We're in Chapter 1, and he covered sections 1-6, which dealt with the different aspects of mental prayer. That's what this book is about. Is everybody is reading the book? You can read the book and kind of get out of it what the author is saying, but I'm interested in what the Lord is saying to us through this book. I'm kind of excited about it because I feel like this is a book for this time in our Community's life. It’s about what the Lord is asking us to do, and that is to draw into that quiet place of mental prayer with him. Now that the Lord has gotten things rolling in the gathering today and he has already shared his word with us, I'm going to fold in some of the things the Lord has talked about today in relationship to this.

Book Study: Time for God, Chapter 1a, part 1 of 5

Introduction to teaching series

By David Peterman, Jr.

For the next five weeks we will be reading and discussing together Time for God written by Jacques Philippe. Mental Prayer is the subject of the book.  Mental Prayer is facing God in solitude and silence for a time, in order to enter into intimate, loving communication with Him.

Why a talk on Prayer?

You might ask, “Doesn’t everyone in the Charismatic Renewal have a great prayer life?” At the end of page 25 (and I am stealing a point from Mike who will share next week on the second half of Chapter 1), the author specifically addresses those in the Charismatic Renewal. He notes that some who experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit might, at some point, stop making progress or lose their spiritual vitality.  He states that this can happen if they do not learn to remain permanently open to his grace by making the experience of the Renewal bear fruit n a life of prayer.

Witness: Nothing is impossible for God

By Peg Weisbruch

I recall some of my musings and questions to my mother when I was a little girl. I think I wore my mother out answering some of my questions. They were always "what if." What if the Japanese or Germans won the war? (This really dates me, okay.) What if a robber came to steal all our stuff? She used to tell me that we don't have anything anybody wants to steal. What if she had another baby? What if we moved again? Not necessarily in that order. I honestly think my worrying kept me close to God in prayer and dependent on him like a child depends on his or her parents. Seems I was a bit anxious. Staying close to God, I guess you could say, was insurance or protection against life's "what ifs." Staying on the straight and narrow was in my DNA. Everything I ever learned about God was loving, good, wise, etc., just like my parents, and the safest way to live my life.